Empowered Volunteer Month

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What is a volunteer anyway? At the core a volunteer is FREE HELP! Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, experience levels and energy and time restricted levels. They also come in all economic status levels as well.

April is Volunteer  Month. It would be nice if in the future it became known as the Empowered Volunteer Month, but that is likely a few years away, if ever.

Across America towns and cities are showing their appreciation for volunteers with various recognition ceremonies. Newspapers print lists of those who have been selected for volunteer of the year honors. Usually these volunteers are outside the fraternal, civic or veterans groups profiled in this blog. Hospital volunteers, speciality charities, and numerous other groups supporting those in need are filled with volunteers in this fashion and recognized. Seldom is the recognition able to reflect the huge efforts involved by so many, but the effort to at least try and reflect on a few the honors often earned by many is both noble and worthy. Usually volunteers don’t serve for recognition anyway.


Volunteers often cite their efforts as a place away from the stress of work. They use the volunteer work they do as a stress outlet from their main work. So many more could use this strategy and yet the message is not getting out so they can join. That is one mission of the Empowered Volunteer.


Another benefit of volunteering is access to many people who have expertise in many areas. To a certain extent this source of free advice.

The numerous health benefits to volunteering have been documented in this blog over the first year this month since I launched it. I won’t bother repeating those, feel free to look them up in the search feature. Suffice it to say that the studies show you will live longer for your efforts.

Happy  volunteer month and happy one year for the Empowered Volunteer Blog!

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