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Do you know who your volunteer group promoters are?


  Pretty girl promoting lap top on the beach Do you know who in your group or associated with your group is a honest to goodness promoter of your charity along with your group? How about your detractors? Are passives easy to identify? This concept is very well presented in the business book by authors […]

What do habits do for you?

Habits of navigation

  As the empowered volunteer what good are habits for you? Besides the habit triggers previously posted on how to use the ABC’s of selling (Always Be Closing) as a habit cued by a buying question or statement, what else is a habit you should develop? Glad you asked! From Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power […]

From Employed Worker to Empowered Volunteer

Lean Team Cap, Supply Chain Management

    The caption above was the reward for the author’s membership as a Lean Team leader for a Lean Event. Lean training was held at Old Dominion University and then those of us trained were expected to take an issue and solve it using the training in Lean Manufacturing that we had practiced. Individual […]