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Empowered Volunteer Neighbors Risk versus Reward

What do YOU want?

Every citizen neighbor of every country is constantly doing calculations of risk versus rewards for a stream of decisions every day of their lives. That is the nature of living here on earth. The empowered volunteer also faces the risk versus reward scenario’s, but for the most part they are not life or death when […]

Networking as if your life depended on it!

Answers to comments

  Do you have a network you can count on if the chips go against you, making you a minnow or a whale as the saying goes? What about baling you out of jail because some lady at a restaurant suddenly recognized you as a terrorist? Would someone in your network still believe in you […]

Social Capital – What is it?

Community leaders can be found in many civic groups.

Components of social capital are called by many other names by the public. In business the term “hook-up” is used interchangeably with “favor”, as they are also in the military. This concept refers to someone who is socially connected with others, often called “networked” in modern terminology. This person is often able to circumvent conventional […]