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College Students as Empowered Volunteers


College students wishful image of college experience College students dream of their efforts at grades resulting in a work place in the real world where they are respected, wanted, and better treated than most find their college experience to be in real life. Unfortunately, a new poll from the Society of Human Resource Management reflects […]

Living in the Real World

Real world issues

  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning! Real world views of nature in contrast! What is the “real world” for the empowered volunteer? I have personally been in a few groups where the idea of emerging into the real world was viewed as many things, exciting, growth oriented, scary and to be avoided, or […]

Empowered Volunteer Neighbors Risk versus Reward

What do YOU want?

Every citizen neighbor of every country is constantly doing calculations of risk versus rewards for a stream of decisions every day of their lives. That is the nature of living here on earth. The empowered volunteer also faces the risk versus reward scenario’s, but for the most part they are not life or death when […]

Do you judge a book (person) by the cover?

Judging a book by its cover

  When we see a book or even a person, we automatically evaluate many things from what data we have, mostly visual. This is natural and fine. But the cover can be a poor representation of the person or the book, depending on many factors. The empowered volunteer must always approach someone who could be […]

Civic Engagement & Social Capital in Action


Moses volunteering   I would ask you to consider the following quotes about human interactions and networking, called civic engagement and social capital by educators. We will then evaluate these concepts and how they apply to volunteering and the health of those who participate. Joining and participating in one group cuts your odds of dying […]

Social Capital as applied to real life

Ben Franklin with Will Rogers book in background, both were Masons

  Groups, where only the dues fees are paid and no interactions are required have very little benefit as far as social capital goes for the individual. Freemasons just to attain membership must do much more than pay their dues fees. They must memorize passages from the Old Testament relating to the group. This level of […]

Mental Preparation for Empowered Volunteer

The game of kings before, but for everyone today!

The mental process for empowered volunteers and the use of sales techniques for proper presentations to reflect the correct atmosphere for a new member is critical. Consider some of the perspectives as a new member would if you want to be successful. Some people consider such things a high mental challenge, similar to playing chess. […]