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Symbols, like groups can be misunderstood

Nazi Swastica

The Hindu swastika means in rough translation, “I have value”. It is still found on Hindu Temples. This makes for some confusion for those who don’t know the history of the swastika. Rudyard Kipling used this ancient Hindu symbol to emboss his books. A British author who had spent considerable time in India, he felt […]

Ten steps to Empowered Volunteering success in rebuilding America

Ben Franklin was the ultimate networking man in his time.

  Rebuilding America’s volunteer groups can easily start with these ten steps to success in rebuilding America. One of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin decided he wanted to be more socially visible when he was young, while pursuing success. This was for reasons pertaining to his business where he wanted more printing work as well […]

Unusual volunteering opportunities abound

Find your passion!

Over the years I have heard many times, there is nothing that I would want to volunteer for when I would tell fellow workers where I was the evening before. I don’t feel passionate about any group was another excuse often mentioned. While this may be true for a very few, most of those making […]