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United volunteers rebuild America

Warcester Masonic Temple 7

  Women volunteer workers doing up clothing parcels at the ACF rooms (taken for Australian Comforts Fund), Sydney 1944/ photographer Sam Hood Volunteers in America are one critical key to our rebuilding future. Volunteering around the world has changed drastically over the decades. In my own family an uncle with a law degree enlisted into […]

Civic Engagement & Social Capital in Action


Moses volunteering   I would ask you to consider the following quotes about human interactions and networking, called civic engagement and social capital by educators. We will then evaluate these concepts and how they apply to volunteering and the health of those who participate. Joining and participating in one group cuts your odds of dying […]

Ten steps to Empowered Volunteering success in rebuilding America

Ben Franklin was the ultimate networking man in his time.

  Rebuilding America’s volunteer groups can easily start with these ten steps to success in rebuilding America. One of America’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin decided he wanted to be more socially visible when he was young, while pursuing success. This was for reasons pertaining to his business where he wanted more printing work as well […]

Freemasons, the largest and oldest fraternal organization in the world.

Freemason ball cap

    Freemasons, the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world has a long history. This group of like minded men have been around so long that way too many stories embellished with questionable circumstances have been circulated. From some of these imaginations we get the movie, National Treasure. So many books, both pro […]