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Thanksgiving Day parade volunteers


  The question I have been asked is do the volunteers of the many holiday parades incur the same health benefits as the volunteers who are engaged full time with groups supporting charities? The answer is that I have yet to find studies or evidence to support this idea.   There is no doubt that […]

Empowered Volunteers Pillars of Health Wisdom

Using tape to check body fat health

Stress moderation is at the top of the pillars of health care wisdom for the empowered volunteer. You can actually die from stress related effects. When volunteers think of how to work their time around volunteer projects they don’t automatically think of stress. Their passion for the volunteer group or the charity supported by the […]

Empowered volunteer wisdom for membership building

7 pillars of wisdom

  Empowered volunteers are by nature caring and empathetic. For this reason they will find themselves as they hand out business cards and encountering people who are not happy, they need to fall back on the empowered volunteer wisdom. They may have many of life’s hard issues on their plate and they may be emotionally […]

Passion for what you enjoy!

Last Game as a Packer

Some people become famous in part because they show their passion for their cause to everyone they meet. It seems to be a part of them. They live to support that group or business or team! The caption above of Bret Favre bobble heads was offered to those of us attending the last game Bret […]

What is their passion (2nd post)?

Moses, tradition says he volunteered to meet God

With over 40 comments on this initial post on passion, and several directly requesting more information on the topic, I will elaborate on “passion” as it relates to the empowered volunteer and volunteer groups and the data or science supporting why it works and how it helps all involved, health wise. One of many scientists […]

Why Empowered Volunteers need face to face time

The game of kings before, but for everyone today!

  In this post we will examine why face to face time is beneficial and superior to interactions that are conducted through other mediums, like chat rooms or other social media. Barbara L. Fredrickson, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill has written a new book about love. In it […]