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Empowered Volunteers Pillars of Health Wisdom 2


In the first Pillars of Health Wisdom post we reviewed stress, how to combat it in real life and then we showed how some sources of data and research gave us insight into how to deal with our busy lives for a healthier and longer life expectancy. We also encountered the new word, positivity and […]

Empowered Volunteers Pillars of Health Wisdom

Using tape to check body fat health

Stress moderation is at the top of the pillars of health care wisdom for the empowered volunteer. You can actually die from stress related effects. When volunteers think of how to work their time around volunteer projects they don’t automatically think of stress. Their passion for the volunteer group or the charity supported by the […]

Social Rank in American Sports

Green Bay Packers

  American’s are not a classless society as we often think we are. This was observed by Michael Marmot in his book, The Status Syndrome, How Social Standing Affects Our Health and Longevity. In this book he mentions that in their sports affiliations Americans break along class lines according to the size of the balls used in […]