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Is the new Freelance Economy the future?

Cracked economy

Empowered volunteers must attempt to envision the future needs of their volunteer work force as well as where their pool of talented volunteers may be drawn from. A recent article in Forbes reflected on studies that by 2020 freelancers, that is those who are self-employed hires for businesses on short term projects will make up […]

Empowered Volunteers Pillars of Health Wisdom 2


In the first Pillars of Health Wisdom post we reviewed stress, how to combat it in real life and then we showed how some sources of data and research gave us insight into how to deal with our busy lives for a healthier and longer life expectancy. We also encountered the new word, positivity and […]

College Students as Empowered Volunteers


College students wishful image of college experience College students dream of their efforts at grades resulting in a work place in the real world where they are respected, wanted, and better treated than most find their college experience to be in real life. Unfortunately, a new poll from the Society of Human Resource Management reflects […]

Giving in the real world, both unknown and famous

Man giving lady gift

Man giving a rose to a lady, who accepts it gracefully Men have given ladies gifts ever since couples have gathered into families, perhaps earlier! In the real world, ladies admire men who can set the gift giving bar high as well. Volunteering is giving of your time and expertise over money, something that is […]

Living in the Real World

Real world issues

  Red sky in morning, sailors take warning! Real world views of nature in contrast! What is the “real world” for the empowered volunteer? I have personally been in a few groups where the idea of emerging into the real world was viewed as many things, exciting, growth oriented, scary and to be avoided, or […]

Empowered Volunteer Neighbors Risk versus Reward

What do YOU want?

Every citizen neighbor of every country is constantly doing calculations of risk versus rewards for a stream of decisions every day of their lives. That is the nature of living here on earth. The empowered volunteer also faces the risk versus reward scenario’s, but for the most part they are not life or death when […]

Body language of the empowered volunteer

What is their body language saying?

Body language is something not often discussed openly in volunteer groups, but it can be a prime factor in the empowered volunteers success. For many people who take on the challenge of volunteer group membership building it will be the their first encounter with sales or any form of direct solicitation with the possible exception […]